The Basic Weight Loss Tips

With all the many and varied types of weight loss programs, plans and methods currently in existence, the process of losing that excess weight is really not all that complicated. In fact, it can be boiled down to three very simple yet highly effective tips or rules if you like that are reproducible and results oriented.

These are the basics of physical health of which a person's body weight is an integral part. So what are these three simple, fundamental and essential rules of losing weight?

They are the two physical criteria for physically losing weight combined with the mental attitude necessary for them to work. These are diet, exercise and positivity.

A Healthy Diet

No one ever lost weight eating a ton of junk food all washed down with gallons of fizzy soda and in fact that is a recipe for obesity just waiting to happen. If you really want to not only lose weight but maintain a healthy disposition, you really must eat as healthily as possible.

That doesn't mean you have to place yourself on a strict diet regime that takes all the enjoyment out of living. But it does mean being sensible about what you eat and drink, while watching portion sizes and taking notice of what is actually in the foods that you are eating and the drinks that you are drinking.

Regular Exercise

While watching your diet is highly important to your general health and well being, it is not so easy to lose weight and then maintain that level of healthy body weight for any length of time merely through diet. You have to have some kind of physical activity that will force your body to not only burn more of the calories that you consume, but to build muscle strength, mass and stamina to ensure that the process is more efficient.

This means that while you don't have to go crazy at a gym for hours every day, you do need to make a commitment to get some moderate exercise every day. That exercise can take any number of forms from simply going for long, brisk walks to swimming, running, cycling or even playing a team sport with friends.

Positive Mental Attitude

Lastly, while in theory, eating a healthy diet combined with daily exercise should be enough to obtain, then maintain a healthy body weight, in practice sticking to those regimens is not always as straight forward as you may think. You also need that one extra ingredient to hold everything together and ensure that you will carry out those two important physical tasks to the best of your ability. That ingredient is your ruling mental state.

When you are depressed, feeling low, negative and withdrawn in nature, your level of keenness or determination can be seriously eroded to the point where you can become so lethargic and apathetic that you simply cannot drag yourself into the daylight to perform the necessary tasks. It is way too easy to just stay in bed, or slouch down on the sofa and waste your life away in front of the television, further depressing your entire system.

This is not conducive to gaining and maintaining health, so even before you set yourself up to embark upon a healthy diet and exercise plan, you must get your head straight!

A positive mental attitude is what is necessary for you to break free of the chains that hold you back and give you the impetus to take the bull by the horns and start that diet and start that exercise program and go at them with gusto! When you are feeling positive, up beat and happy, things look better, feel better and you are more in tune with the things that you know that you ought to be doing to help yourself to get fit and lose the weight that you want to lose and then to keep at it in order to keep that weight off.

Making good use of these basic weight loss tips and those that can be found in this excellent website at: Weight Loss Go is the way to maintain a healthy, slim and toned body that you feel good about an proud of, further fueling your positive mindset for sticking to your weight loss goal and achieving what you set out to do.