Why Refined White Sugar is Bad For You

There are plenty of foods that you really do need to keep off your daily menu if you want to not lust lose weight but be healthy and enjoy a good level of overall well being. Sometimes, rather than looking directly at a certain food group, it is more beneficial to look directly at the ingredients that make up a lot of the foods that must be avoided to better understand why they should be avoided in the first place.

One of these ingredients is refined white sugar.

Way Too Much of a Good Thing

In small amounts, refined sugar is not really much of a problem but unfortunately, our modern diets contain way too much of this form of sugar to be healthy. The obvious offenders are cakes, biscuits, cookies, pastries, dessert pies, candy, boiled sweets and other confectionery including chocolates and just about anything you can think of that is sweet to the taste.

Some foods are more insidious as they contain refined sugar even though you may not suspect it and this includes, believe it or not, many savory snacks as well as a great deal of processed foods that are eaten as main meals, such as pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, breaded chicken such as nuggets, ready meals and a whole host of other foods besides. Often the only way to know for sure is to carefully read the label of everything before you place it in your shopping cart!

Many processed foods contain sugar substitutes, most commonly in the form of corn syrup although there are plenty of other forms and these all contain high levels of sucrose or fructose. Sucrose is what refined white sugar basically is and while it can be detrimental to health, it helps to understand why this is.

The Insulin to Fat Chain

Refined white sugar is bad for you when you have too much of it, because it provides easy energy for the body without providing any nutrients to back it up, so what usually happens when you eat foods rich in refined sugar is that the sucrose is quickly broken down into glucose that the body uses as energy. This would be fine if you were working out and also including plenty of nutrients and protein in your diet to compensate.

But few of us are actually engaged in such a tough regime and so the energy giving glucose floods our bloodstream with nowhere to go because we are not using our muscles to burn it off.

What happens is that the body releases a comparable amount of insulin in an effort to normalize the blood sugar levels. The insulin carries the excess glucose away to be processed into storable fats which are deposited as visceral fat, better known as belly fat which is also no known to be the dangerous kind.

When the insulin response is triggered too often and this happens when we lead a sedentary lifestyle coupled with a bad diet, complications can build up over time where the body gradually gets too used to the elevated levels of insulin and its effect lessens. This is how type 2 diabetes begins and advances to type 1 diabetes when the body can no longer manufacture enough insulin to cope with the influx of sugar.

Weight Gain and related Problems

The upshot of all this is that the body gains weight, becomes more sluggish as the metabolism is slowed, which exacerbates the problem by leading to even less activity. This means the body burns even less glucose as energy, while piling more fat on in a crazy downward spiral that eventually leads to obesity and all the health complications that come with it.

So you can see that refined white sugar should be kept to an absolute minimum in your diet if you want to maintain a healthy disposition, while you need to do plenty of activity and exercise to keep the blood sugars being used instead of being carried off to your belly as fat. Maintaining a healthy weight and keeping fit and healthy are the result of eating the right foods in a good balance combined with enough daily exercise to keep your body similarly balanced and healthy.