A person's good health is the one thing that they must have to enjoy life. It is an absolute fact that with it life is great and without it, awful! Maintaining a good level of healthfulness is therefore a most important aim to aspire to.

This section of the site takes a look at the various aspects of physical and to a degree, mental human health. More information is provided below in a series of helpful and informative individual articles.

The Importance of Being Healthy

Being healthy, as already mentioned, is the most important aspect of your life. That's because without it, your very existence is in peril and your quality of life is severely diminished. However, when you are in good health, your life expectancy is greater and your quality of life is truly great.

So it makes good sense to do everything that you can to make sure that your health is the best you can make it. There are many ways in which you can do this. Some of those ways are complicated, while others are easy.

I believe that simplicity is the key to success in all things. Therefore, I will, as far as possible, try to keep any health advice and information that I pass on to you, the reader as simple and readable, while also being as informative and factual as I can.

So let's take a simple look at a few obvious, yet simple ways in which you can maintain your health in a good state.


Your diet is the first place you can look to giving your body the best chance of maintaining its best level of health. The obvious things are obvious for a very good reason.

That's because if it looks plain as the nose on your face to avoid eating something, then you should take notice of that common sense and avoid it! There is more than sufficient diet information available everywhere you turn that will tell you the basic things that you should avoid eating as far as possible.


This is another no brainer, yet one that far too many people are simply ignoring or not making time for. With the growing shift in the way we work, more people than ever are working at a desk in an office somewhere, either at their place of employment of at home.

This means we get far less exercise than we ought to have during the day. The simple remedy is to make sure you get up from your desk every so often and walk around to keep your circulation going at the very least!

You should also get out of the office, especially at lunch time and walk around outside if the weather is nice, or even go to a local gym, swimming pool or sports center and get some more strenuous exercise for half an hour or so.

Then you can shower and still have time to eat, assuming you get at least an hour for lunch. If not, then you should press for more time and look after your body better.


Your mental state of health is also important to your overall well being. You need to deal with stress in your life head on and make time to relax and allow the stresses of the day to melt away.

At the end of the day, a relaxing bath is a good way to unwind, or spend some time reading a good novel in a comfortable chair. Avoid watching TV, especially the news as it contains almost all bad news which actually raises stress levels in people. The same goes for newspapers - full of bad news and stories that make you angry.

They do that because that's what sells more newspapers. No one seems to want to read about the good things in our world, only the bead stuff.

To lead a calmer, more relaxed life, avoid reading about all the bad stuff that goes on in the world that you can do nothing about. It just raises your stress levels unnecessarily and no one suffers except you!

Above all, take time for yourself. Lives are so busy these days with working long hours and having little time set aside for yourself, or what is sometimes referred to as "me time".

Give yourself that "me time" and enjoy it, thinking good thoughts and being happy. Because happy people are generally healthier than unhappy people!

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