Exclude White Pasta from Your Diet

The title of this post is pretty self explanatory in the sense that it is a completely self contained statement of fact that has been born out by countless scientific studies into the health effects of various food items that have found their way into our modern diets in the West.

So why should you exclude white pasta from your diet to stay healthy?

Lacking any Goodness

The main reason to avoid white pasta in your diet is because it is made from refined white flour, which in itself contains absolutely no goodness whatsoever. It's like eating cardboard, but tastes marginally better. But white its lack of nutrients wouldn't normally make it a bad thing to eat, white pasta when used as the main staple bulking ingredient of a meal, which is generally is, then the reasons for cutting it out become evident.

First, like white bread, it contains a lot of high GI (glycemic index) carbohydrates. These are the type of carbs that release sugars quickly into the bloodstream, causing a rush of sugar and a reactive rush of insulin release to counter it. Bad for diabetics and bad for weight gain in the rest of us. What this does is make us feel full quickly, but then makes us feel hungry again soon after, which is a leading cause of weight gain.

Watch Your Cholesterol

It also raises levels of bad LDL cholesterol and because it is not digested efficiently, it slows the metabolism and results in more fat storage, with the emphasis on belly fat. Nice.

So there are plenty of reasons to exclude white pasta from your diet. You can replace it with brown pasta, which is made from wholegrain flour which is much better for you and a subject for a post all of its own later. In fact the next post will cover that other staple that is all refined white flour too... white bread. See you next time!