What a person eats will define them in both physical appearance and mental attitude, so the diet needs to be balanced, enjoyable and healthy. Dieting and all things related to the food that we consume are covered in this section of the site.

You will find more information below, but by way of an overview of what is in store, let's look at the three main points that make a diet right.

  1. Nutritional Balance

    This is where we strike a happy medium between proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber. All of these aspects of our food are necessary for good health and omitting any major group may upset that delicate balance that leads to good health.
  2. Hydration

    It's no good eating the right foods if you're not taking in enough hydration in the form of plain water. Your body needs to be correctly hydrated to be able to digest and process your food correctly, while the less known about internal messaging system is allowed to work unhindered to ensure your brain knows when you're hungry and when you're full.
  3. Eat-ability

    Lastly, your food needs to be at least edible for you to survive. But it also needs to be enjoyable for you to feel like eating it! Remember, no diet will ever work if you simply cannot bring yourself to stick to it. So make sure you like eating the food you are going to feed yourself with every day!

You Are What You Eat

You have probably heard the expression "you are what you eat" plenty of times and thought very little of it. But when you do stop and think about it and how it so perfectly lends itself to the way most people like to try and lose some weight, it really does make a lot of sense.

That's because a lot depends on what you put into your body and how it copes with it as to how it ends up rewarding you for getting it right or punishing you for getting it wrong.

When you think of the body as a machine, like a car, you need to put fuel into a car to keep it running. To keep it running at its optimum best, you'd naturally put the highest grade of fuel into the tank.

But if you put the wrong kind of fuel in the tank, what do you suppose is going to happen when you drive off down the road? You'll probably hear some worrying sounds coming from under the hood and a lot of black smoke out of the tail pipe.

The Right Fuel

The body runs along similar lines. When you feed it with the right food, or fuel as it can be thought of, you get a healthy body that works efficiently and well. Put in a load of junk and in the long term, you get an unhealthy body before too long. The unhealthy body will be apt to gain weight especially if little or no exercise is done to at least try to burn some of that bad fuel.

So what you need to be aiming for is a diet comprised of healthy foods that is balanced, as mentioned above. That's a mixture of the right proportions of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and dietary fiber to fuel the fires of the digestive system and metabolism correctly.

Of the carbohydrates, you should aim for more of the low GI variety than the high GI variety to ensure a more even release of sugars into the bloodstream and maintain the body with some daily form of exercise to ensure the metabolism keeps working at peak efficiency.

When you get things predominantly right, you are rewarded with a healthy body that looks good, maintains the correct weight and is fit and healthy for warding off disease and lasting considerably longer than an unhealthy one is likely to!

The Natural Way to Lose Weight

It is a real dilemma for people who are looking at the several most effective ways of dieting for a slimmer body in the shortest possible time frame for a certain up and coming event that requires them to look good and probably fit into a dress or suit that is a size or two too small for them as they are at the present moment.

It makes sense, however to not fall into the trap of trying to starve yourself in order to achieve that level of rapid weight loss that can end up being dangerous to your health. It is much better to learn how to lose weight naturally and so avoid any detrimental impact to health through foolish methods.

The most effective way to lose weight relatively quickly without harming your health is to start dieting and exercising right away but do your exercises gently to begin with and build up the level each day. In the meantime, you should combine this with a switch in your diet to cut out all foods that contain refined sugars, refined white flour and other high glycemic index carbohydrates, but include high protein foods.

Also, drink lots of plain water in place of soda (that includes diet soda), juices or sports drinks. This will help to boost your digestive system to process the very low calorie diet that you are switching to and not store any fat, while burning the fat that you have got stored up.

Lastly, make sure that you do it all with a positive mental attitude and you will lose the weight while toning up your body. That way you will fit nicely into that new dress or suit.

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